First Love

We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum a while ago. I was looking through the pictures and realized that something was going on between the kids that us moms didn’t pick up on…

Tucker: See dat girl? I think I have a crush on her.
Salem: Who? Dat girl in the green skirt?

Tucker: Yeah. I think I’m gonna go talk to her. Wish me luck. You stay here.

Salem: Hey guys! What’s up? …HI HALLEL
Tucker: What are you doing? I told you I had a crush on her.

Tucker: Why are you still standing there? Please leave before she falls in love with your golden locks and big blue eyes.

Hallel: Hey, where’s he going? He’s so cute.

The End
And yes, I know I’m a TOTAL NERD of a mom but I thought it was so cute cause it really looks like that’s what was going on =)


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