life has been kind of crazy.

Packed ALL of our junk. Wow. You don’t know how much stuff you have until you have to put it all in boxes
Final (emotional) Sunday at church
Said goodbye to all of our great friends
Drove 10 1/2 hours to Corvallis
Saw a huge rainbow RIGHT when we passed into Oregon from California…a reminder of God’s faithfulness.
Josh and I in unbelief that we no longer live in California and may never live in California again. Sadder about this than I thought I would be.
At our first stop in Oregon, the radio was playing “California Rest in Peace” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I thought that was too weird.
Like our new apartment a lot
*A dishwasher….a washer…a dryer….oh my
Had lots of help moving in
Unpacked some boxes and headed up to Portland
Celebrated Peyty’s 5th birthday and a mini-Christmas with the Tucker fam
Left Monday morning and drove to Missoula, Montana
Didn’t hit any snow. Praise the Lord!
Hangin out with the Howeth family and just had a great Christmas

Hope you and your family had one too!
I can’t find my camera cord, so, I’ll have to post pictures when we get back to Oregon


3 thoughts on “Lately,

  1. Welcome back(when you get back)!Now that you're Oregonians (again), a few things to remember:1) No pumping your own gas, no sales tax, no umbrellas!2) Re-acquaint yourself with weather terms: drizzle, sun-breaks, "showers, followed by rain" vs. "rain, folowed by showers."3) And sadly, don't forget: We brought you Tonya Harding & Physician Assisted Suicide, so be nice:)Glad you're liking Corvallis!

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