A Farewell Gift from California

We’ve lived on the crazy freeways of California for 7 years. Never an accident (thank you, Lord) and never a ticket.

On Friday, December 18th, we left our apartment, Josh got in the U-haul, Tuck and I in our car, drove down our hill, picked up a healthy, organic breakfast from the esteemed McDonalds, got gas and LITERALLY, on our way to the on-ramp of the freeway, to drive out of the state of California, Josh got pulled over and given a ticket for talking on his cell phone.

Now, he got this ticket b/c his WIFE was calling him and he, a good husband, picked up the phone, while passing a cop. So, technically, the ticket was my fault. However, I was calling him b/c he was driving to go southbound (which would take us to San Francisco) when we obviously needed to go north. So, in that sense, it wasn’t my fault b/c if he had gone the right way we never would have passed the cop and I never would have called him.

The nice thing is that the cop didn’t give both of us a ticket for talking on our cell phones and the bad thing is, I just called Marin County and the ticket is for $142.00!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? I was thinking it would be under $100. Depressing.

Also, Josh brought his iPod touch in the U-haul with him so that he could listen to music b/c he was so bored and the U-haul only had a radio. I was unaware of this second illegal act. Well, guess what? The iPod got left in the U-haul and U-haul claimed that they didn’t find it. Yeah, right. I wonder what punk 19 year-old kid is enjoying Josh’s $200 iPod right now.

So, thank you, California. Because we broke the law twice, we are now $342.00 in the hole. We love you and will miss you.


6 thoughts on “A Farewell Gift from California

  1. BUMMER. Hope you know the law just changed here in Oregon. No more talking on the cell phone unless it's hands free!

  2. I didn't realize listening to your ipod was illegal either…good to know. I know here in Washington they just passed a law – no more texting either while you drive. So sorry to hear all that. That's a lot of money!

  3. stuff like that always goes wrong when you are making big changes in your life, i swear! for example, for 4 years i successfully maneuvered my car around these crazy tight poles in the parking garage underneath my apartment. the day before we were moving into our new house where that would no longer be a problem, i crashed my car into one of those poles and did some nice damage to it. :(sorry about your troubles leaving california!!

  4. So sorry to hear about the iPod and ticket! I can relate. When Ben and I were in Rome someone stole his iPod. I'm a little glad about the new iPod law. A couple days ago Ben and I were driving to DC and there was a car in front of us swerving in and out of the lanes. We thought he was drunk and he was very unsafe to be driving near. When we passed him he was jamming to his iPod totally unaware of the cars around him! Ok, that's an extreme story and I'm sure Josh was totally in tune to the road, it's just they had to pass that law because some people really zone out when they are driving and listening to their iPod.

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