Recent Deep Thoughts

The people who live above us take a shower every night at 11:30

I have absolutely NO muscle left in my calves

We spent an average of $219/month on gas and bridge tolls in SF

We’re anticipating to spend $80/month now


Dutch Bros. makes a really good white chocolate mocha

There are some beautiful old homes here in Corvallis that have been trashed by the college students who rent them. I wish we could buy one and fix it up.

I live across the street from a WinCo and this makes me so excited that I can’t sleep at night. Ok, not really but I’m almost that pathetic about it.

We got cable and I need to stop watching so much HGTV

Tucker is laughing and giving kisses these days and sometimes I feel so full of joy that I could start crying

I don’t have any friends

That’s not really true but I like being dramatic. I’ve actually already met and hung out with 2 different girls who both have little boys. God is good in providing friends. But I still miss my old ones.

I’m taking a “Living and Learning with Your Baby” class, where we sing corny songs and the hippie moms talk about their homemade cleaning supplies and it’s cool

I want to go to NYC next December

I want to go to Maui tomorrow

But I also want us to buy a house, so, this will probably win and I’m very excited about that

I have a dishwasher and washer and dryer in our new apt and it’s changed my life

Corvallis is already starting to feel a bit like home

We like our new church

We’ve met some really cool people and families

My best investment so far: a North Face rain coat


7 thoughts on “Recent Deep Thoughts

  1. If you come to NYC you have to let me know, I would LOVE to see you.Also, I totally get what you mean re: no friends. Moving to a new place is hard, you have to start over. Also, finding girlfriends is a difficult thing. I went on two "girlfriend dates" recently and I think there is potential with these girls but still its weird to have to do this and be so intentional. If only we were still at SBHS. 🙂

  2. Isn't Dutch Bros a paint company? If it is you should double check your Mocha. When we get back to Hawaii you guys are always welcomed over. Maui is just a short 30 min plane ride from Oahu. We can watch Tucker while you and Josh escape to Maui! You have a washer, dryer and dishwasher in your apartment?! Lucky…

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