Who Knew?

Did anyone know that you can make a cake with a can of soda? Is this one of those things that everyone but me knew about? My “new friend” just learned this and was telling me about it, so, last night I tried it out and it tastes almost identical to a boxed cake with eggs, oil and water. So, all you need to make this is:

Cake mix from a box (Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, etc.)
12 oz. of soda

My friend used diet Dr. Pepper and I used club soda b/c that’s what I had. For white or yellow cakes, use a clear soda (club, sprite, etc) so that it doesn’t change the color of the cake and for chocolate you could probably use either.

Anyway, you just stir it in a bowl, pour it in your pan and cook for a few minutes less than the directions say.

It’s crazy! If you’re a calorie counter or conscious about your weight, I highly recommend this alternative. If you don’t really care about calories, I would suggest making it the traditional way b/c the soda version is YUMMY but not quite as good as a cake made with oil and eggs.

Also, on an even more random note: does anyone know why SHOULDER PADS are coming back in style? For as long as I can remember, I always hear designers make fun of them like they’re so idiotic. Just now I was watching the Today show and the chick was like, “Shoulder pads are great because they make the body look longer….blah blah blah” What?


6 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Wow…how cool. I never knew that?! I'll have to try it sometime. Ya, shoulder pads…wow. Well, I guess every fad comes and goes. I probably won't join that band wagon.

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