We had a great weekend. On Friday afternoon my parents were heading to the beach, so, they stopped through Corvallis for a visit. That night we got our first babysitter ever (which, oh my word, babysitters are expensive!! Whatever money you spend when you go out, you’ll spend at least that in paying the babysitter). Anyway, we went and saw a production of Beauty and the Beast. A woman in our church was in it. It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed seeing a play again. I love plays.

On Saturday, we had decided we wanted to go to the beach. I hadn’t been to the Oregon coast since I was 18 and Josh and Tuck had never been. We’re really glad we went. It was a good day. When we got back, we had 2 couples over for the Blazer/Laker game and then one of the couples stayed and we watched a movie.

Yesterday was church and Superbowl party. Here are pictures from the beach:


Self-Timer Attempt #1
Josh: “I look like I’m pooping. Let’s take another one.”

Attempt #2
Josh using me as his support (who is also crouching and holding a child). Me laughing b/c I’m about to fall over.

Attempt #3
Pretty good. (Notice that Josh is in the same exact position in every picture.)

We happened upon this lighthouse, which was ironic b/c it is the only lighthouse in Oregon I have memory of touring b/c they tell you a ghost story about a girl named Muriel who died there and still haunts it and I remember as a little girl, this story terrified me. This time, Josh was the terrified one and he had to hold my hand as he wept in fear.


My mom and dad were staying 25 miles north with friends so, we met up with them for a couple hours!

Grandma showing Tucker her “brag book”

Having a moment

Grandma and Tucker

A perfect day at the beach


9 thoughts on “Beach

  1. Oh my gosh..I seriously haven't laughed that hard in a while. When I saw that first pic of Josh squatting and saying that he looked like he was pooping it was hilarious and then I noticed before reading your caption that he didn't change his position AT ALL! Seriously, I was cracking up! Peyton was asking me what was wrong. Love all the pics. Glad you got to see the parentals. Love your "special" picture:) you skinny little thing!

  2. oh ya..and other than the "pooping position" I think it's a really great picture of you guys. Also, I TOTALLY remember that house. Scary. Didn't they show the video in the basement and then there was like a gift shop next to it?

  3. Oh my goodness! I laughed sooo hard when I saw the pictures of Josh squatting!!!! The other pictures are sooo cute! I especially love the ones of your mom and Tucker they are sooo precious!!! I am glade you all had the opportunity to go to the beach!!Love,Christie

  4. Ok it is so funny that Josh was in the same position after he said that! Tucker is so cute! and btw…you should totally do a play! 🙂

  5. OHHHHH, I love the Oregon Coast! -Especially Newport. Did you see your motel? (Elizabeth Street Inn) Sounds like you all had a great time, and Josh looks like he's pooping in all the pics.

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