Toilet Brush Conclusion

Haha, ok, thanks for all of your responses.

I think a lot of you are under the impression that I’m going to tell you some crazy statistics about how unsanitary they are or something, but I’m not.

The reason I asked is because over a romantic cup of coffee at Starbucks the other night, Josh and I were having a romantic conversation about toilet brushes.

When we were moving, I threw away our nasty $1 Ikea toilet brush and up until 2 days ago, we had not replaced it. About a week ago, I was saying how we needed to buy one so that I could clean our toilet. Josh, being the great husband he is, got in there with a sponge and his BARE hands and cleaned the toilet bowl (so sweet but nasty, right?). So, although completely unsanitary, this is when a toilet brush comes in handy, correct?

So, over coffee we got into this banter, Josh saying that toilet brushes are completely unnecessary and that doing it with your hands is easier and it does a better job. I told him that the brush gets up in the hard to reach places (inside rim of bowl) and down in the areas that are covered with toilet water and that doing it with your hands is sick and that everyone in America owns a toilet bowl brush. Haha, so, we went on and on and I told him I was going to blog about it and affirm that pretty much everyone owns one and I’m not crazy to think that we need one.

All that to say, Josh is still standing his ground and I’m still standing mine and we have a new toilet brush in our bathroom. But thank you for your interaction. You played a part in an extremely important marital discussion and for that, I am extremely thankful to you all.

To those of you who don’t own a toilet brush, do you clean your toilet Josh-style?


11 thoughts on “Toilet Brush Conclusion

  1. Sick Josh. Toilet brushes may gross me out but that grosses me out more. I want to hear from you non toilet brush people too!

  2. We do own a toilet brush but I remember my mom always using a nice pair of bright orange elbow length heavy duty gloves (the kind that water does not penetrate at all) and a sponge. Either way you have an item in your bathroom that is completely gross. Brush or gloves, both nasty!

  3. Josh can proudly claim the title of least metrosexual worship leader, certainly by Jon Acuff's Stuff Christians Like standards.Dude…that's a manly thing to do. Gross…but manly. Much more manly than me, who uses the Clorox one-shot disposable toilet wand. Gotta say…you cracked me up. 🙂

  4. EWWW Josh I'm telling my husband if he ever meets you not to shake your hand… Maybe a teensy bit manly, but I have to agree Liz, completely unnecessary when you can buy a brush for $1. But I guess if he WANTS to do it that way… just make sure he takes a shower before canoodling with you.

  5. Sorry-use the disposable scrubbers-& lots of Ajax & a pumice stone (We have very hard well water that has left a permanent "water" mark). And just was @ IKEA a few hours ago, saw the $1 red toilet brushes, and wondered about the results of your survey:)

  6. Josh, you have an ally. My family NEVER owned a toilet brush. I believe my first toilet brush was when Em and I got married. I used to, and prefer to, use a rag to wipe down the toilet. Contrary to your thoughts Liz, I think you can clean more thoroughly with your hand and a rag. And you are able to wipe down the entire toilet, seat, rim and all! I actually think its nastier when the brush sits in that holder and all the water collect in there…I'm never using that brush again!

  7. Liz, you should try getting your hands in there once. You may be a changed person…hahahap.s. I think its time to change the About You section in your profile.

  8. That last sentence sounded kind of mean. I only said that because I look forward to reading about what new hobbies you guys may have picked up in Oregon.

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