Scary Story

Last night, about 5 minutes after we got into bed, in the living room we heard one of Tucker’s toys go off. It’s a cute little guitar that makes 3 different sounds. 2 are different guitar ditties and the 3rd is of a little kid giggling. It went off and Josh goes, “What was that?” I told him it was Tucker’s toy and that there have been a few times that his toys have gone off on their own. Kind of weird but I had heard it before, so, it wasn’t a big deal. Well, about 10 minutes later, it went off again. Right when we were falling asleep. I think it went off another time 20 minutes or so later. At this point, I decided that other toys in the toy box must have been pressing on it, which is why it kept going off. So, I went and got it out of the toy box and placed it on top of our entertainment center.

*Sidenote. 2 days ago, Tucker spit up on this toy, so, I rinsed it off, which actually made it stop working. Neither Josh or I even realized that it was working again until it had gone off a few times. Josh said, “Isn’t that toy broken?” Me, “Well, maybe it finally dried out and now works again.”

So, after it had been sitting face-up all by itself on the entertainment center, I think it went off two more times, Tucker kept waking up and crying, it was almost 1am, it was a weird night.

Josh got up to put it under a pillow and then changed his mind and put it outside. =) But when he was walking into our pitch black living room, it went off again, this time it was the little kid giggling. Scary. I was dealing with Tucker in his room and when I got back into bed, Josh told me that when he picked the toy up, he assumed it would go off as it had been going off but it wouldn’t. It was silent just like it had been when it was broken. Yeah, this made me pretty scared. (Plus, everything is scarier in the middle of the night). So, I asked him to pray for our house, we slept okay, morning came…the toy is going in the trash.


5 thoughts on “Scary Story

  1. Freaky! I hate that kind of stuff. A friend of mine had a "Boo" doll..ya know the one from Monsters Inc? And the battery was running out so it would randomly go off saying "Mike Wasowski" or whatever it says and toward the end it got really creepy sounding "Miiiiikkkke Waasowwwwskiiii" in a really deep voice…creepy. Glad you are throwing it away.

  2. Wow, that is wierd, and creepy! Glad you've decided to throw it out! glad you were able to finally get some sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everytime we move into a new house we pray over it…something my parents always did, makes me feel safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That is totally weird, we've had that happen like one time, but woah! Thanks for your comment on the blog, Liz! Yeah, we miss you guys and wish you could have been here. I'm planning to put up more pics on fb, but it's been a crazy week.

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