We had a fun weekend! On Thursday night we got to go to our first OSU game. My friend Jaimee lives here in Corvallis and is assistant to the head coach (Obama’s brother-in-law) of the Men’s Basketball team.

We had great seats, got to meet the President’s Sister-in-law =), got on the big screen during a timeout which was actually really embarrassing. Has anyone ever been on the big screen at a game? It was for like 10 seconds and it was really awkward cause you don’t know what to do! And last but not least, we almost got taken out by one of the players who flew to get a ball and about landed in my lap. (I just happened to be holding Tucker). It was on TV and was really funny to watch. Luckily, he just landed on my leg.

Then, on Saturday we took an 8 hour home-owners class and my parents came down to watch Tucker. It is sooo nice having family nearby for stuff like this. And then, on Sunday, we’re at church with my parents when my sisters Bekah and Faith and two of Faith’s kids, Luke and Brynn come in and surprise us with a visit!! It was a really fun (and beautiful) day.

Our sweet seats

Jaimee and Tuck

Michelle Obama’s brother. And yes, I’m a total dork for being a stalker and taking a picture of him

The little fam

Sunday at Central Park. I am loving this February weather!

We took the family to one of our favorite places in Corvallis so far, Francesco’s


6 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Ah that is cool that your sister's surprised you! I am glade that your family is close to you both, that is a blessing! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Love,Christie

  2. Tucker looks so grown up! I can't believe he is almost one year. Weren't we just all getting prego last week? Oh yeah, we are almost a family of four. yikes! Enjoy the 1st birthday, I feel like Hallel's personality has come out so much more since turning one.

  3. Love Tuckers shirt… or should i say pj top!?!? glad it is being put to good use like cheering on the Beavs!!

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