Pictures and Words

I got together with some of the girls from my baby class and we went to “the Pottery Place” where you paint your own pottery and they fire it for you. I painted a tile with Tucker’s one year-old hand print on it. It was lots of fun.

Tucker and his buddies, Keegan and Molly

Lately, Tuck loves riding on Josh’s shoulders. He bends over to try and look at him, while panting loudly and smiling. It’s really cute.

Tuck got to see 4 of his 5 aunts on Saturday! We drove up to Ft. Lewis and got to see our bro-in-law who was home from Afghanistan for 2 weeks, drove down to Gresham and then met up with Christie (Josh’s little sis) who came and stayed with us for a few days! We had lots of fun and Tucker was loving hugs, kisses and attention from his Auntie

The luscious hills of Ireland? No. A Wendy’s parking lot.

On Monday we took Christie to “downtown” Corvallis, explored, got some coffee and showed her around our new town. We really love it here. I think it fits us great.

Aunt Christie and the little lad

The Beanery

Aunt Christie and Tucker

I love Tucker’s diaper booty. I love how little he is and those little fat feet. As excited as I am that he’s healthy and growing, it also makes me sad. I want him to stay little forever and I can’t believe he’s almost one!

Speaking of one…tucker’s birthday party is coming up. We are doing a jungle theme and these are the adorable cupcakes I made up. Just kidding. Got the idea from Betty Crocker. I decided to do a trial run on the cupcakes, since I’ve never made decorative cupcakes in my life. I’m really glad I did or I would be frustrated on the day of the party. I think they turned out cute but will hopefully be cuter on the big day.


7 thoughts on “Pictures and Words

  1. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! Good job my sister. Those are so cute. I love them. I can't wait for the PARTAY! It's been so great seeing you three more. Love you

  2. Super cute cupcakes, can't wait to have one! Thanks again for coming up, we sure enjoyed your company. You'll have to come back when Rande returns this summer. We can take a day trip to Mt. Rainier! It's so beautiful up there. Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!

  3. I MISS TUCKER!!!! And you guys too! Cute cupcakes, I can't believe he is almost 1 either! I remember when you were 20 weeks pregnant with him!!

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