James and Richard

There are a lot of things I love about Josh. One of them is that he doesn’t know the names of some of the people in his family.

The first time this happened was a few months ago. For some reason we were talking about how Josh’s dad (Dave’s) middle name is “James” and I said something about the fact that he was named after his dad, Josh’s Grandpa Jim.

Josh goes:
“No he wasn’t. My Grandpa’s name is JIM.”
I KNOW. Jim is the shortened version of the name James.
Haha. No it’s not.
Yes it is!
No, it’s not. My Grandpa’s name IS NOT James.
Yes it is! I bet you my life that his full name is James and he goes by Jim.
No, it’s not. That’s retarded! Jim and James are two different names.

I still remember, we were about to cross the Golden Gate bridge and we went back and forth for at least 5 minutes. Once Josh was told by a few other people that Jim was indeed a shortened version of the name James, he believed it. I thought this was hilarious.

So, that’s Grandpa #1. Well, Josh’s other Grandpa’s name is “Rusty”. I don’t know how long ago it was but I know that at some point, Josh clarified to me that “Rusty” was his Grandpa’s full name. I remember thinking this was cute but kind of odd b/c it sounds like a nickname. But I, being the trusting wife that I am didn’t question my husband’s word.

Well, today we got a card from them with an address sticker that read, “Richard L. Vimpany” and then it had their address below it.

So, I asked Josh:
“Hey, is ‘Rusty’ your Grandpa’s real name?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“Because we just got a card from them for Tucker but the name on the address label says “Richard L. Vimpany”.
(Kind of in a tone like, Liz, you’re dumb) says, “Yeah, that’s my cousin” One of Josh’s cousin’s name is Richard
“But the address is your grandparent’s address”
“Well are you sure it’s from them?”

Oh, good point, your cousin Richard who I’ve never met who lives in Hawaii probably got address labels with his name on it but your grandparents’ Helena address and then he sent Tucker, who he’s also never met, a birthday card using that label!!
“Josh! It says “Love, Great Grandma and Grandpa Vimpany.”
Silence. “I don’t know.”

I text Stephanie, Josh’s sis:
“Is Grandpa Vimpany’s real name Richard?”
Text from Stephanie:
“Yes, it is.”

I told Josh and we laughed really hard.
Oh, Joshy. You are so cute. I love you so much. You make my world a brighter place.


11 thoughts on “James and Richard

  1. That is hilarious. I can just picture you two laughing so hard about that. I'm sure his grandfathers would be thrilled to know this:)

  2. tell him my name is actually rebekah but that bekah is a shortened version. he may not believe you at first πŸ™‚

  3. What a nerd (Josh not you)! I was wondering why you were asking, and assumed it was cause Josh didn't know. That's too funny. So Josh is your real name Josh? or Joshua? Cause they are totally two different names? Just wondering

  4. Oh my goodness Josh! This is hilarious I can't believe you did not know that! I love you bud! Liz you are such a supportive wife to him!Love,Christie

  5. Sorry, Josh, that i laughed so hard at your expense. Thank you so much for joining our family and making Tim feel right at home – Elizabeth can explain. See you Saturday.

  6. Josh, even i know that Grandpa's name is James πŸ˜‰ of course i figured out that my other grandpa's name is George Ronald Fuller but goes by Ron. kind of thrown. BUt i still knew it was James :)Rick= RichardDick= RichardChristie= ChristinaSteph= StephanieLiz= ElizabethJosh= JoshuaDave= DavidBill= WilliamPhil= Philipetc. πŸ˜‰ Love you Josh and Liz πŸ™‚

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