Birthday #1

Birthday #2, the real party, is next Saturday. And if you’re reading this and you weren’t invited, it’s either because: 1) you live too far away or 2) the place we’re having it at has a limit of 25!! Even though I think we’re gonna have around 35, so, we’ll see about that.

Anyway, Tucker had a GREAT day yesterday. Sadly, it was mostly based around eating. What else can you do for a 1-year old that he’ll appreciate? But we did play, take a bath (his favorite), and go shopping for a few birthday gifts. So, no, he was not sitting in his high chair all day…even though that’s what it looks like!

Tucker’s first chocolate chip pancake

Do you think he likes it?

Tucker’s first big-boy meal. I usually prepare him something and then he eats a little of what we’re eating. This was his first meal of only eating what we were eating…corn, biscuits, mashed potatoes and swedish meatballs.

Playing with his new toys. They are random but we realized he didn’t have a truck and he didn’t have a ball. Those are like the two most basic little boy toys.

Here is the main gift I think we’re going to get him:

Parents Around the Block Wagon

Cupcake time!

Happy Birthday Little Boy!!


8 thoughts on “Birthday #1

  1. Fun! Noticed that first pic…they match like always:) Great pics of him eating "real" food. That's the best..when you can feed them almost anything

  2. Tucker is such a neat eater! I am amazed at how clean he is with the cupcake! It took three baths to get Josh clean on his first birthday! Thanks for keeping the blog updated. See you this weekend.Love, Debbie

  3. Awww what a sweat little boy!! I still can't believe that he is #1! I love all the pictures of Tucker eating people food!! Wish I could come to his Birthday party. Love,Christie

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