Every morning for breakfast, Tucker eats full-fat plain yogurt with a little bit of apple sauce and a little bit of rice cereal in it.

This morning, Josh told me that he’s pretty sure he fed Tucker sour cream, apple sauce and rice cereal the other morning. He said that thinking back on it now, he remembers Tucker making a face when he fed it to him. Poor little boy! I think it’s so cute (and sad) that he still ate it.

It’s probably my fault. I put them next to each other in the fridge, they have very similar packaging and they’re the same color and almost the same consistency! Sorry Tuck.


7 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. I'm dying laughing! 🙂 That's kind of funny, but poor guy. Don't worry Tucker, I'll bring some chocolate to get that sour cream taste out of you mouth 🙂

  2. such a dad move… they'll make our boys more resilient, right? Are you using Super Baby Food for your feeding schedule/plan with Tucker? Just wondering… much love!

  3. That is hilarious!!!! Don't worry Josh I would have done the same thing!!!! Tucker is such a trooper for eating that though!!!Love,Christie

  4. is it sad that i love sour cream so much that i would probably be just fine with such a switch?super cute story!

  5. That is too funny! Josh, I take that back about you being such a great dad!!! I can just see Tucker's sweet, little, confused face. I love him and can't wait to celebrate birthday #1 on Saturday.LoveMom

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