King of the Jungle!

Ok, here’s a LOT of pictures from Tucker’s big #1 bash on Saturday.

We had 42 people show up for the big day! Friends and family all the way from Montana, Washington, Portland and Corvallis! We felt so blessed. I had about 20 minutes of being stressed out (right before everyone showed up) but I had so much help and everything turned out great. Tucker had lots of fun and so did we.

My sis was kind enough to be the “official” photographer for the day. This was so nice b/c I didn’t need to worry about the pictures at all.

I think we had 16 little ones come. Each of them got a foam “jungle” mask to wear

The cake table

The adult cake was supposed to be a homemade two layer milk chocolate cake. After baking it and putting it on the cake stand to frost, the bottom half split completely in half. I could not fix it, so, I just ditched the idea and bought a ready-made cake at Safeway. It’s not what I wanted but I had to put my pride aside and enjoy not being stressed over the cake =)

Cupcakes for the kiddies!

I love this picture. Look at our nephew Luke, in the background. Haha! Great face

Brynn and Grandma

Twins Ashlee and Peyton. Ok, not really but Ashlee is our niece on Josh’s side and Peyton on my side. They are 1 month apart and haven’t seen each other since our wedding (they were flower girls together). It was so cute seeing them play together.

Jessica, Zabel and Daniel

Neal, Kristi and Hudson came down from Portland! We were so excited they came.

Uncle Bryan and the birthday boy

Dad, Dad, Grandpa, Aunt Becky, Uncle Craig

Tucker’s cake. Yeah, it’s pretty boring. I was so sick of decorating cakes after those cupcakes =)

Elena, Elissa, Michelle, etc. New friends from church!

Carol and Debbie

Singing “Happy Birthday”

First taste

Liking it…

Liking it more…

He ate half of the cake! We had to take it away

Opening presents

Hudson and Tucker Hudson. What cute little buddies.

Grandma scaring Tucker (Jk)

Brynn =)

Happy Birthday Tucker! It was fun but sorry, next year’s party won’t be as good.


5 thoughts on “King of the Jungle!

  1. Ahhh Liz you did such an incredible job on everything! Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with everyone else. Love all the pictures but love the one when Tucker is downing his cake!!!! Love,Christie

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