God is an American

Lately, I’ve been thinking about God. I’m glad that the older I get, the wider my eyes become to the world. What a tragedy it would be if they were getting smaller.

Growing up, I think my idea of God was that He especially liked people who looked like me and my family and my friends. That if He were a man, living on the earth, He’d live in America, in an average neighborhood, eat meat and potatoes and maybe drive a Honda. He’d wear button-up shirts and have light-brown hair. He’d listen to popular Christian music and probably be a part of a mega-church. I couldn’t really picture Chinese people worshiping “my” God because He was just so different from them.

I think I still sometimes think of God this way and I’m mad at myself for getting that type of a mental picture. A part of me still thinks that if I listen to Christian music and am in a Bible Study and read out of a devotional, that God will be happy with me. But all of those things are just things…created by recent Christian pop-culture. I’m not saying they’re bad things. I just think it’s easy for the 21st century Christian to have their priorities (or rather, what they think God’s priorities are) a little messed up.

What did God look like in the world 1,000 years ago? What did he look like before technology? Before America? Obviously He didn’t look at all the way I picture him.

God is in the neighborhoods of America, as well as the forests of Russia, He’s in the cities of Europe and the countrysides of China. He’s the God of white, black, orange and blue people. You’re probably asking, “What? There are blue people?” Um, yeah, have you ever heard of Avatar? Anyway….this is what I’ve been thinking about lately. Not Avatar. I haven’t even seen it. But just how diverse our world is and how ridiculous it is for any of us to think that God only looks like us.

Why would He create funny people, weird people, annoying people, African people, Star-Trek people, Middle-Eastern people, artsy people, smart people, quiet people, people who lived 3,000 years ago, punk teenagers who live today, introverted people, extroverted people, imaginative people, boring people, a bunch of people who don’t have anything in common with each other…if He didn’t have the ability to be the God of us all?

Have we all chosen and believed Him to be our God? No. But does that change His identity? Does that change that He IS God? No. Praise God, no.

So, yeah…I don’t have any lofty conclusion. These are just some of the thoughts I’ve been having lately and it’s been good.


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