More Gluten Talk

First of all, Tucker started walking yesterday!!!! It is so cute and so crazy. My little baby is walking! I will download videos tomorrow and post them.

Second, the “diet” is going pretty well. The biggest challenge so far is eating with other people. We’re not used to being restricted in what we can eat. Today after church, we got two invites to lunch. One, a bar-b-q at a family’s house. The other, mexican food at a restaurant. We chose the Mexican food b/c there are more gluten-free options there. It’s strange to now choose lunch based on those things.

Some of the gluten-free goodies we’ve been enjoying:

Gluten-free brownies from Trader Joe’s. They’re super dense but super good and rich. I was impressed.
Gluten-free pancakes also from Trader Joe’s. Don’t worry, the next month will not be full of eating items that aren’t supposed to be gluten-free…i.e. cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc. But in order to maintain my sanity, it will be nice to have these little treats every once in a while.

I know….we’re really suffering

We have eaten tacos from Chipotle…all ingredients entirely gluten-free, spaghetti with quinoa noodles, a yummy sesame chicken recipe, rice cakes with peanut butter (I can already tell pb will be my new best friend in this diet).

I spent an entire afternoon looking products up and calling companies to see which of their products are gluten-free. Yes, I’m this big of a dork. But it was really helpful. There are a lot of everyday products that you have in your fridge right now that are naturally gluten-free. There are also a lot of products that you wouldn’t think have gluten in them that do. I had to buy gluten-free soy sauce and spent $12 at a health store on weird flours that I’m supposed to be able to bake with…sorghum flour, potato starch, guar gum. It’s a whole new world….a dazzling place I never knew…..but as you can tell, I’m kind of getting into it and I’ve been having fun learning all about it.

Although I’m mainly doing this for Josh, I am curious to see if I’ll reap any benefits from it…more energy? …better breathing?….we’ll see.

Tucker informed us that he does not want to go gluten-free. I don’t blame him.

This is his latest thing. For the longest time, he would just play in the food cupboard. A while later, he figured out there was actually FOOD in there and a couple weeks ago he figured out he could actually get into the food. Maybe I’m a bad mom but I let him do it. It is so cute to watch him figure out how to open a package and then tremble as he puts the graham cracker up to his mouth because he’s so pleased with himself for figuring out how to find food and then how to feed himself. I love it. He dumped this cereal out today. I didn’t mind b/c it has gluten in it and was going to go bad anyway. Eat on, Tuck. You little glutton….or is it gluten? Oh, aren’t I just hilarious?


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