I made pancakes this morning

…from scratch. ‘Oh, cool,’ you might say, ‘flour, milk, an egg, what else?’ Oh, no, my children. Here was the process.

Last night I mixed Sorghum flour, Tapioca flour and Cornstarch to make a flour blend. Which this in and of itself took three grocery trips…tapioca flour from Winco, they were out of cornstarch, sorghum flour at the nature store, back to Winco on another day when they had cornstarch in.

I then took one cup of this mixture and added more cornstarch, cane sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt and the infamous xantham gum (this stuff costs $13 for 8 oz.) $13!!!?? Other than meat, I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much money on one single grocery item.

This mixture is my “Pancake Mix”

I then took 1 cup of my pancake mix and added butter, one egg, vanilla, milk and lemon juice…..and voila…finally…a pancake.

We had pancakes a couple weeks ago, a gluten-free mix from Trader Joes. I thought these were pretty good but it was the strawberries, syrup and whipped cream that were disguising the true taste. A few days later, I made them up plain and they were sub-par. They tasted ricey. The pancakes from this morning, on the other hand, were pretty amazing considering they were gluten-free. Will I make them again? Probably. The work was worth the normalcy of enjoying pancakes and coffee on the couch with Josh before he went to work.

Anyway, there are some details for those of you interested. Cheers.


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