Mother’s Day and More

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to lately.

Mother’s Day lunch at Pastini’s Pastaria. They have an entire gluten-free menu and it was yummy.

Josh and Tucker being dorks with each other

Isn’t this cute? He grabbed my face and leaned in on his own =)

I LOVE this picture of Tuck! It looks like he’s saying, “This guy has no idea what he’s doing with our camera”

Last Thursday night we drove up to Portland to go to our best friend, Greg Laswell’s show. It was so much fun. We got to sit which is a huge plus for me. I get really tired standing for 4 hour shows. The bar surprisingly had really good coffee =) It was fun to sit next to the husband, sip coffee and listen to one of my favorite artists.

We threw water balloons at his head. Ok, not really. It was kind of a weird spot to be right above him but also fun because we were really close.

On Friday we drove up to Seattle and spent the day with the Howeths. It was lots of fun.

Pike’s Place

Mariner’s game. Christian, Ashlee and Steph

Dave and Debbie

We missed you Christie!

Beautiful day in Seattle

Look at that little cherub. He surprisingly slept through most of the game

Birthday boy at his little league game.

Taking a break from the bleachers

It was a fun weekend!


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