I just spent my first two nights away from Tucker! Before this, the longest we had ever left him with anyone was eight hours. I was very sad to say bye to him but I think it was good to get away. We had a retreat/conference type thing at the beach for ministerial staff in the northwest.

The conference was set up to provide a lot of free time. So, we had a few sessions with a great speaker named Tim Gardner, went swimming, sat in the sauna, went shopping, grabbed ice cream and saw Robin Hood with our friends, the youth Pastor and his wife from our church, looked at all the little shops along Seaside, had brunch at a cute local restaurant. It was so weird and so nice to just do whatever we wanted and not be limited by a little chonner’s schedule.

We left Tucker with my parents and on one of the days my sister watched him. It made all the difference leaving him with people we completely trust and who we know love him and take good care of him.

Sadly, Tucker did get hurt a few times. He’s getting really confident in his walking skills, even though his body is not ready for that confidence. He got a cut (his first owie ever) on his temple from falling and hitting his head on the edge of a basket, fell down three stairs while I was on the phone with my mom talking about how he was doing, and moments after we came to pick him up, he tripped and fell on a bed frame which is creating a blue/purple bruise on his forehead. So, he kind of looks like he’s been beat up. I need to get used to it, I guess. He’ll probably have a bruise somewhere on his body from now until he’s 13 or so. It’s still hard though to see cuts and bruises on that perfect skin!

Josh just sat and texted people during our breakfast together. JK!

Good, locally *roasted* coffee (Josh let me know that “locally brewed” is what we do every day in our own kitchen)

The view from our “suite”. Haha, it was actually funny b/c after checking in, we joked with our friends who were in another room, “Yeah, it’s awesome that our rooms have jacuzzi tubs and flat screens” two things our room DID NOT have…trying to make it sound like we had the cooler room….well, they did have a flat screen and a direct ocean view and a private balcony and a fireplace and a kitchen in their room. All things we DID NOT have. Guess the joke was on us.

He’s cute.


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