New Hair

I have been wanting to shave my head for the past few weeks. I don’t know why. I’ve had my hair the way it’s been for a long time. And I haven’t had it short since I was in 3rd grade!! But lately, I’ve just been really over my long hair.

My friend Danielle sometimes colors and cuts my hair. She does an amazing job and I really wanted her to do my hair this time but driving all the way up to Portland for it was a little much, so, I went to a nice salon here in town for the cut and decided to try and color it myself. This was a nightmare. Here is what I did:

Highlighted (weaved) my hair
My hair always reacts to bleach by turning orange
Tried a violet toner thing to take the orange out….it didn’t work
Bought a dark blond color with a violet base to take the orange out….it made my hair YELLOW
Used a dark brown color this morning to cover the yellow. All that work and I pretty much ended up covering it up! Anyway, I’ll color it later. For now, I got a cut and I like it.

The longest my hair has ever been and probably ever will be

Look at all that hair!! Crazy!

I know I’m wearing black and I know it might look like it’s still really long but she cut at least 5 inches off

I love how straight across the bottom layer is (and I’m not saying all this like, “Whoa, aren’t I so cool!?” It’s the girl who cut it I’m applauding)


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