A few people have been asking how our gluten-free diet is going, so, here’s the scoop. We are done being gluten-free. We did a one month trial and It didn’t change our lives as I was hoping it would. Josh didn’t notice any significant health changes. This was a big bummer.

It’s nice to be ABLE to eat gluten if we want but being on the diet also showed me how I use breads and other gluten foods to fill up on or unnecessarily snack on. And during the diet, food was more of an accomplishment. When you can eat anything and everything you want, strangely, it’s not as satisfying. But when each meal takes thought and planning and time to prepare, you enjoy it more.

I still have most of my $13 Xantham Gum, so, we will definitely still be eating some gluten-free sweets.

To those of you debating on whether or not to go gluten-free: My humble advice would be to only go on it for health purposes. There is nutritional value in gluten (whole grains) that you can miss out on in a gluten-free diet. Gluten is not bad a bad thing. It’s just a bad thing if you have a sensitivity to it. BUT gluten is in a lot of bad-for you snacks/foods. So, you could cut those items out of your diet. Again. Humble advice. I’m no health expert.


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