What a Day for San Francisco

We just spent a week back in Mill Valley/Pacifica/San Francisco. It’s been 6 months since we moved. A short enough time to where it felt like we had never even left. We got to see most of our seminary friends and church family. It was so much fun.

We stayed 4 of our 6 nights with the Cunninghams, where Drew and Shan were in their bedroom, Megan (Shan’s sis) and Carsyn were in Carsyn’s room and Josh, Tucker and I were out in the living room! 7 people in a 650sq ft apartment! Not bad! It was so much fun, though.

Church on Sunday was great. Josh and Drew got to lead worship together, which was so much fun and it sounded beautiful. Then we had game day at the Cahills and dinner with Jonathan and Maggie. And I forgot to take pictures!!!

We got in just in time for Crystal’s 18th birthday celebration!
John and Crystal

Maggie, I know you’re about to blink but I wanted to post the picture anyway because you two are so cute and we love you!

How cute are they? Sunday morning, jamming out to worship practice

Hallel, Tucker and Carsyn…friends since being in the womb…playing together again like they never missed a beat

Last October

!!!! This picture is a keeper

Tucker loved Carsyn’s little chair

BBQ with Seminary friends: Joe, Tim, Drew, Josh

Jon, Stephen, Jason, Josh

Shan and Leah

The boys making fun of me making fun of them. Trying to get a picture of what they sooo often do together. Sit on their computers and share music or funny youtube videos with each other. For. Hours.

Cool kids

Haight and Ashbury

Drew and Shan at Four Barrel Coffee. Oh my gosh, it was amazing.

Megan and Shan

Cheryl and Gavin

Notice that these next two pictures look cooler than the rest. Yeah, it’s because Shan took them. Even with a basic point and shoot, the photographer still works her magic!

Dinner at Naan n Curry. Yum.

“Dessert” at Bob’s Donuts. I know. All we did was eat.

Megan, Special-Friend-Shannon and Drew

Goodnight San Francisco. Until next time.


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