Holidays on Steroids

We’re reading the marriage book “Love and War” by John and Stasi Eldredge with our small group. In one of the chapters, the husband (John) explains that he hates Valentine’s Day,

“And now we’ve got a culture crazed with the upgrade of everything. Dinner and a card used to be a home run. That sounds so blase these days, like you barely even gave it a thought. How boring. Now you have got to make it an all-day occasion- flowers in the morning, call and sing to her at work, write a poem in the card, dinner yes (and not the same place you went to last year), but then something romantic afterward like a hot air balloon ride or a drive in a rented convertible up Sunset Ridge. We have blown this day way out of proportion. It has taken all the fun out of it.”

I totally agree! As much as Josh and I love to celebrate and we’ve totally done the whole, day-long, breakfast in bed, starbucks at work, flowers in the afternoon thing, I agree that holidays that used to be simple and fun are now this huge production and if you do anything less, you’re a lame person.

We were watching a little bit of the Today show this morning and they were doing a piece on Father’s Day gifts and the last suggestion they had for a gift was the new 3D television. Going for $2600. Are you serious? I asked, “Who buys that kind of gift for their dad on FATHER’S DAY?” If you were loaded, I could see on Christmas or maybe a birthday, but really? Father’s Day? Both Josh and I agreed that Father’s Day growing up consisted of a card, a hug and a BBQ with our dads. Sometimes, we would give gifts.

I just don’t like how marketing has targeted our guilt. We see commercials and we’re like, “Oh, no, I need to buy a swimming pool for my mom, it’s Mother’s Day next weekend.” Just a couple months ago, the day after Easter, they were already starting advertisements for Mother’s Day a MONTH away. Wow.

Anyway, that’s my soapbox for the day. Let’s go back to the way Holidays used to be, before companies told us how they’re supposed to be celebrated. Cheers.


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