Very Weird

When I was pregnant with Tucker, I was sick from 6 weeks to 18 weeks. It was horrible. ALL day, every day I felt like I could throw up at any moment. A few weeks into the sickness, I realized that Josh’s cologne was making me want to throw up all over myself. The sad thing is, he had just bought it a month or so earlier. When I realized that it was his cologne that was making me nauseated every time I walked in our apartment and every time I got near him =) I kindly asked him to stop wearing it during the duration of my morning sickness.

Months later, I thought it would be fine and he could start wearing it again. Not so. Even though I wasn’t experiencing morning sickness, I could not handle the smell. And it’s a good smell.

Well, that was at least a year ago. This morning he was saying something about it and I was like, “Yeah! Wear it! I won’t be sensitive to it anymore.” Moments later, I’m sitting on the couch and all the sudden a flood of memories from being pregnant, sitting at my desk at the seminary, wanting to puke, coffee and staples and paper and fluorescent lights came back. Josh was also working at Starbucks when I was pregnant and a couple times he brought me those NASTOID Vivano drinks to work. We both thought they would be a good option for my morning sickness. They weren’t. I’m not joking, even when I would look at an advertisement for those drinks, I would dry heave. So, when he walked through the room this morning, just one sniff instantly transported me back in time. Isn’t it amazing how scents can do that?

So, I’m sorry babe. We’re going to have to get rid of that cologne. Even now, I can smell it in the apartment and I want to puke. (And NO, I’m not pregnant)
To any of you past or present pregos, I’d love to hear what made/makes you sick during your morning sickness period.


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