Merry Christmas to us

As a Christmas gift to us back in well….December…my sister Bekah gave us a free night of babysitting. So, this Saturday she drove down from Portland, we all went to the pool and then Josh and I headed off for a much needed date.

Two of my favorite things about summer are the warm and long evenings. So, as summer has been setting in, I have been throwing myself mini pity-parties. With a little scalleywagon who has to be in bed around 8pm, I have missed the freedom of summers past of being able to stay out late and enjoy the warm summer air. Is having a kid worth missing out on those long summer evenings? You bet your booty it is. But do I still want to enjoy one? Yes. So, that’s what we did.

We went to dinner at American Dream and sat on the roof. We enjoyed a long dinner, filled with good conversation instead of rushing through it and praying that Tucker wouldn’t make a scene =) Then we went and saw the Prince of Persia (good, not great), then we drove around town looking for coffee shops that were still open, found one of our favorites, sat and had coffee, walked along the riverfront. Got home late. Perfect date. Thank you, Bekah! What a great gift.

What a looker

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Live music

Happy Couple

Look at that beauty. 9:50pm and still some light in the sky. Oh summer, how I love thee.

Coffee. I look like we’re in a fight. We’re not.

Lunch the next day after church at McMenamin’s

Beks and I

Blurry picture of our small group bowling later that night!


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