Catching Up

Sorry, blog friends. I have been lame lately.

Last week we had VBS at our church and it was my first VBS experience! I taught crafts to the Kindergartners and I had so much fun. One of my favorite parts was observing all of the different personalities. I also enjoyed watching the differences between girls and boys. For the most part, the girls were really quick to catch on, their work was really thoughtful and tidy and they enjoyed the crafts, most of the boys (not all) would just throw on whatever and make a mess. It was cute.

Josh in the dunk-tank

On the parents’ night for VBS, the kids were performing the songs they had learned during the week and Tucker literally ran up on stage and danced to the music. It was the cutest thing and I can not get the video I took to upload!

A COW-boy, a COW-girl and a Farmer

I was picking up around the house the other day and came upon this. So precious. (p.s. like Josh’s holey rainbows?)

Last Sunday was my mom’s birthday but we celebrated it this weekend. First, we went to Troutdale’s Summerfest.


and a Tractor…all you need at an Oregon parade. JK. It was a cute, small-town parade

We ran into Joel and Amy Woodard! Amy was one of my mentors in HS and I have not seen her since I was 19 b/c they have been overseas!! It was really fun to see them and to catch up a little

Faith, Beks and I

They had stuff going on at the park we got married at, so, we got a picture in the spot where we said our vows nearly 4 years ago. Tucker looks really happy that we got married on that blessed day.

After naps, we went to Blue Lake Park, played in the fountains, played bocci ball, and had a picnic dinner

Coconut cream pie for the Birthday girl

Happy birthday, Mamacita!


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