The Hunt Begins

After SEVEN months, we finally found out yesterday that we have been approved for a home loan!!!

When we found out we were going to be moving to Oregon, we really hoped we would be able to buy a house. We have been renting for the past 4 years. This has been fine but we of course would still love to be in a house, have a yard, paint walls, and stop throwing money down the drain every month in rent. But we thought that the loan part would be the easy part. Not so. Anyway, it’s a long, boring story. The important thing is, we got the loan and now: the fun part.

I’ve been watching the housing market for like 9 months and right now is a really good time to buy. Presently, there are 2 houses that we’re interested in…both out of our price range (our price range, a single-income…an associate pastor’s income at that, is pretty low) but we’re not complaining. We’re probably going to put an offer in on one and see what happens. Just wanted to share! Cheers.


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