Brynn’s 1st Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Brynn’s 1st Birthday. It was a beautiful day, my sister did an awesome job (as always), and it was so much fun being able to celebrate sweet Brynn.e and her first year of life. She is such a sweet little girl and I can’t get enough of her! It’s been a blessing to live close by and to get to see her, Luke and Peyton on a regular basis

The adorable cupcakes

“Happy Birthday”

Waiting patiently for her cupcake

Such a lady

She likes it!

Fan Club

The little scavenger coming by to see if there are any leftovers

I think Peyton wants to kill me

Auntie Natalie and Uncle Chadwick with the birthday girl

Smooches from Great Aunt Becky

Haha, sorry girl.

Mommy and Daddy

Water fun with Grandma

Montana Golf

Grandma, Beks and Natalie

Tuck enjoying the mist from the hose



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