Beach Trip

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday we spent at Lincoln City. We stayed at the Riegelmann’s BEAUTIFUL beach house that I had never been to but the rest of our family had. We had so much fun and I didn’t want to leave.

Back of the house

Sweet Brynn

Josh teaching Tucker how to swing

Papa, Peyton and Luke sitting by the fire

My mom eats like a bird but for some reason goes crazy over marshmallows. On this night, she downed “9 or 11” marshmallows (she couldn’t remember) and this particular s’more of hers held 4 marshmallows.

Mexican Madness. We ate A LOT of good food during our stay.

Beks, Josh and Tucker on our cold endeavor to the beach. Yes, this is what Oregon beaches are like in August.

Photographer Faith

The Ladies

Papa and Brynn

Bryan was the only brave one to touch the hypothermic water. It was so cute watching Luke, who got to experience the rush without having to get wet.

Ok, this was awesome. Our good friends Josh and Stacy (who live in San Francisco) actually happened to be at the same exact beach as us, staying in another house with their family. They stopped by for a visit and for the 40 minutes or so that they were there, Peyton sat directly in between Josh and Josh and just listened to them and flirted and added her own two cents to the conversation. Stacy and I were on the opposite couch, laughing and taking pictures. So funny. Here is the progression.

Stacy and sweet baby Simeon

Yes, our mom bought us matching pajama pants and yes, they are amazingly comfortable and yes, we are complete dorks.

I guess I’m the only one who got the memo that this was a “goofy picture”


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