tidbits from my breath-taking life.

I have thick, dead summer skin on my heels and it’s gross.

I started a (contrastingly yummy) habit of eating a few chocolate chips in between bites of popcorn. I ate too much tonight and now I feel sick.

Even worse, I had to turn down a lovely evening cup of decaf coffee Josh offered b/c I’m feeling so full.

I checked out “Whip It” from the library and am excited to watch it. Even if it’s dumb.

Sometimes I wish I could be Kristin Wigg. And Imogen Heap. And Steve Carell.

I know. That’s weird. He’s a guy. Well, maybe I wouldn’t want to be him but maybe I could be his neighbor?

I just started reading, “The Book Thief” recommended to me by my Facebook friends and it is good so far.

Josh, Tuck and I went and picked blackberries tonight with some friends. A huge bowl of yummy berries. For free.

Blackberry pancakes on the menu for breakfast.

We are getting closer and closer to closing on our house and I’m excited and scared about this.

The weather has been so nice for so long and I’m loving it.

Oh, summer. Let’s be friends for the rest of our lives.

Josh and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary last Thursday. Pictures to come.

Tucker wants to eat all day long and I don’t know what to do about this.

I read you’re not supposed to put your kids on diets until they’ve gone through puberty. Dangit.

I’m kidding. I would never put him on a diet.

Our friends put an offer in on a house 2 doors down from our new house. How much fun would that be?

I made pita chips yesterday to go with some garlic hummus I got on sale and it was yummy.

My sis is camping in Glacier this week and my dad is worried she’s going to run into a bear. My poor dad. I think all of our adventures have given him all of his gray hairs.

Ok, that’s all for now. I’m sure that these tidbits have changed everyone’s lives. Go in peace.


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