My Marriage Has Been The Same Length Of Time That My College Career Was

Which isn’t that impressive b/c college whizzed by. But yes, Josh and I have been married for 4 years….with no summer or Christmas breaks. And I got a kid out of this deal instead of a degree, which so far has been much more satisfying. And I didn’t have to pay for marriage. A loan won’t come out of it. I do have a roommate, though. A boy roommate. Yep, marriage is pretty great.

I thought we were going out to dinner for our 4 year but Josh surprised me with a trip up to Portland!

We dropped the child off at my sister’s and stayed a night at McMenamin’s Edgefield. Who knew such a cool hotel was there? We always go to the Power Station but I’ve never stayed at the hotel. We had lots of fun walking around and exploring the grounds.

But first, Josh took me to where he thought I told him “I love you” for the first time…Mt. Tabor….but he was wrong, I actually told him at Rocky Butte. But it’s coo. I couldn’t remember either. Aren’t we so romantic?

The City of Roses from Mt. Tabor

Picnic lunch

Edgefield was built as a Poor Farm in 1911. So, as all old things, our room was cool but somewhat creepy.
Nothing like having to talk to our realtor and mortgage broker during our anniversary celebration.


Josh and his swan dive

Spa building

Salt water soaking pool. It was sooo nice.

Dinner outside on a warm, beautiful night

What 4 years of marriage has done to us

…Just Kidding

We also played cards on the lawn, somewhat listened to a Prince cover band. Yeah. Prince. Watched some of “Back to the Future” that they were showing on the lawn, got some coffee, headed back to the soaking pool. So much to do!

On Friday we had breakfast at the Black Rabbit and then headed into Portland.

I ordered hotcakes and maple syrup

First stop: the rose gardens

Where’s Waldo?

Iced coffee at Barista

Then we went and saw Inception and it was awesome, grabbed dinner, and rode the OHSU tram. It was really fun (thanks for the suggestion, Beks)

Our favorite city.

It was such a great anniversary. Thanks, dear husband for all of your planning and thoughtfulness. I had so much fun and I loff you.


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