Recent Happenings

A couple weeks ago, my friend Lindsey and I went to see the Swell Season. It was a really good show.

I couldn’t believe how many people were there!

Tucker’s first time on the water…we floated down the river in a raft and it was fun!

2 cute little boys, Keegan and Tucker

I am such a cutting-edge photographer

On Saturday we drove up to Tacoma to surprise Stephanie for her 30th birthday! It was lots of driving but worth every second.

We drove to Seattle for dinner at Ivar’s. Josh let Tucker try a lime wedge and it was so funny!! He kept making faces like these but then he kept wanting more. Haha, we all got a good laugh.

He looks like he’s crying

Christian, Dave and Debbie

Rande is home! He has been in Afghanistan for the past year and he is home safe. Praise the Lord. Ahh, it is so great to have him back and it was so fun being able to see them all back together as a fam.

Josh, Christian and I

Christie and Ashlee

The sibs

The extended sibs. Happy Birthday, Steph!


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