Top 10

reasons I’m excited about our HOUSE:

1. A Backyard

Tucker always wants to go “Ah-Dice” (outside) which is nearly impossible in our apartment. There are little patches of grass but mostly just a lot of cement and a parking lot he constantly wants to run out onto. At our house, we have a pretty good sized yard with a fully fenced in back-yard. There is a play structure (from the 80s that we’re 95% sure we’ll be getting rid of) and this little gem that I thought was sooo cute!

And….you may not be able to see but in the corner is this somewhat random little stone area, perfect for a cafe table or a quiet little oasis to go read a book.

2. Herb garden and fruit trees

I’ve never nurtured a plant in my life. But our house has a plum tree, an apple tree and an herb garden…there’s Rosemary and Mint and about 9 other herbs that I have no idea what they are. There are also two raised beds for planting whatever we want. I’m so excited. I hope I really do get into it, though. I think it’s easy to romanticize and then never do anything with it =)

3. No carpet beneath Tucker’s highchair.

In our apartment, the “dining area” is on carpet. This means soggy banana, toast with jelly on it, berries…yeah, all that fun stuff, goes splat onto our carpet. It’s gross.

4. Cupboard space.
I think our house has twice the cupboard space that our apartment has. It will be so nice not having everything crammed in every last corner of cupboard.

5. Invest in organization.

During our 4 years of marriage, we have lived in 4 apartments. Each place is different and it’s always temporary. So, I’ve found that really being organized is hard. Now, if a closet doesn’t work, we can make it work. We can build closet organizers, or add shelves or take them out.

6. Not temporary.

As I just said, we’re really excited to be in a place indefinitely.

7. Do whatever we want to it.

We can tear out the cupboards, paint the walls, build an ice skating rink in the garage…ahh, the possibilities.

8. Elbow grease.

I think moving into a brand new house has its definite perks. But I am so excited for all of the little projects and renovations we can do to our 47 year-old house.

9. 3 hall closets!

Yes, I’m a dork. But for a 1960s house, I’m pretty impressed with the amount of storage it has. A linen closet (I’ve never had one! Can you tell that I’m easily pleased?) A coat closet and another random closet.

10. Make it our Home

As corny as it sounds, I’m really looking forward to making this house our home. Not our first home, I feel like we made the other places we lived in our “home” but this will be our first home in a house =)

We move in a little over a week!! Can’t believe it’s actually happening.


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