So Many Moves

Sorry, I just posted a status on Facebook and decided to put packing off for a little bit longer to write out our moving pattern over the past 4 years. I know that no one except my sister Faith will even care. Ha. But it was fun to write it out and see all the moving we’ve done. *The reason this is a big deal to me is that I spent the first 18 years of my life in the same house. This girl isn’t used to moving so often!

Graduated in May 2006
Moved from Riverside, CA to Gresham, OR into the house I grew up in

Got married in August 2006
(3 months later)
Moved from Gresham, OR to Troutdale, OR with the husband

January 2007
(5 months later)
Moved from Troutdale, OR to Mill Valley, CA

December 2008
(23 months later)
Moved across campus to accommodate the birth of little Tuck

December 2009 (12 months later)
Moved from Mill Valley, CA to Corvallis, OR

September 2010 (9 months later)
After months and months of looking and praying, bought a house, moved from an apartment in Corvallis to a house in Corvallis. Praise the Lord!

Technically, 6 moves since graduating college. From California to Oregon, from Oregon back to California, from California back again to Oregon. Califonia, we’ll be back in a couple years! Jk.


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