Adventures in Home Ownership

On Wednesday we got the long-awaited key to our house!

Celebratory Starbucks before heading over to the house for the first time as it being ours.

My dad came down yesterday to help us paint the outside of our house and do some other stuff. We are also having our floors refinished, so, after 8 hours of floor and paint fumes, my dad got extremely sick last night. None of us got sick b/c we didn’t work nearly as long as he did. Luckily, Tucker was not at the house due to the floor fumes. Anyway, I feel horrible and hope that he starts feeling better immediately.

4 colors and $12 later in paint samples, we finally decided on a house color

Option #1 “Dusty Olive” We liked this but the people across the street have almost the same exact color

Option #2 “Pure Earth” We loved this one in the store. Not so much on the house. Way too “earthy” and almost clay colored. “Pure earth”. Go figure.

Option #3 “Antique Earth” Way too BROWN.

Option #4 “Studio Taupe” We found a winner!

Check out the difference of the Taupe on the Pure Earth. Just the amount of gray we were looking for.

Sorry the picture quality isn’t great.
I will post before and after pictures later. It’s supposed to rain today so, we might not finish painting for a while.
Peace and charity.


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