Pumpkin Patch 1 and 2

Who knew moving into a house would be so crazy? I feel like we’re doing all this work but everything still feels so unorganized and still tons of boxes to be unpacked. This is why I haven’t blogged any pictures yet.

Anyway….last week we thought we would beat the crowds and go to a pumpkin patch on a weekday. We beat the crowds for sure. There was hardly anyone there!! It was kind of sad. So, on Saturday, we went to another one with some friends and it was much better.

I love fall

Big boy walking through the hay maze

Pumpkin Patch #2

Look at that little boy. He needs to stop growing up so fast.

We went with our friends who have a 7 and 9 year old. Kaylie, the 7 year old LOVES Tucker and I love this b/c she’s great with him and then I get a little break =)

Hay ride

The best picture I could get of the Elias fam =)

Playing in the “corn box” like a sand box but kernals of corn!

Climbing to the top of a huge hay pyramid

Josh at the top

Really cool view of the whole farm from the top

We had such a fun day and I am loving this time of year!!


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