Yes. I’m blogging about Halloween.

First of all, I dressed up like Flo, the Progressive girl and it was pretty cool. But guess who was the photographer all night? Yours truly. So, there will forever never be record of my mad homemade Halloween costume skills of 2010. Very sad.

Anyway, we had our first “party” at our new house and it was seriously the first time we let people into our house (we still have a lot of work to do)

But before this we went to a free harvest carnival here in town that is put on by Calvary Chapel. It was amazing and we will definitely be going next year.

Little Pupppy

The cheesy family

Loved his tail

I think he looks like a Tucker/Lewis in this picture. Anyone who knows what I’m talking about agree? He looks like Sarah or someone to me.


Onto the partay at our house…

Jaden the dinosaur

Jaxon the gnome

Tucker and his buddy Buzz. (This is one of my favorite pictures ever)

James, Maryanne and Manny

Josh dressed up as Tim Lincey/The Freak

Our friends introduced us to putting dry ice in punch to make it fun and bubbly like a witch’s potion or something. (am I allowed to say “witch”?)

I wasn’t able to get a picture of everyone who dressed up but here are some of them…

50s housewife and police officer, Chelsea and Josh

Minnie Mouse, Buzz, and Manny Ramirez. (He and Lincecum got in a fight)

80s rocker (or Travis Barker) and 80s working woman in her power suit, Travis and Danae

And this was a few days later while watching the Giants win the World Series, Tucker borrowing dad’s costume to cheer for his team.


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