Worst Blogger on the Block

Is what I’ve been for the past 3 months. I don’t know what my deal is.

Anyway, here are some pictures of one of my b.f.’s baby shower and Thanksgiving up in Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Kristi and I both prego with #2. It’s fun that we’ve been prego with both of our babies at the same time (and even the same taste in names!)

This was Josh and my’s first “couples” shower. Kristi and Neal’s b.f.s live in a great condo in Portland. The party was BEAUTIFUL and lots of fun.

The next day, Kristi and Hudson came by my parents’ house so that the boys could play with each other.
Holding hands and really excited about it.


Five little monkeys jumpin on the bed.

Our house last week after the first snowfall of the winter!

Tucker had sooo much fun playing while we were up in Ft. Lewis.
Batting with Daddy.

Playing the Hulk

Wrestling with Daddy and “Ash-EE”

Yummy Thanksgiving dinner

Haha, the dichotomy

Grandpa reading the grandkids The Tale of Three Trees

Sisters….Sisters (yeah, that’s all I know of the song)

Eating Grandpa’s Mickey Mouse pancakes


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