Now I’m blogging like a CRAZY WOMAN!!

After Thanksgiving, Josh’s parents came back down to our house with us. They were so kind to watch Tucker and let us go out on our first date since August! (I honestly think we’ve been on 3-4 dates in the last 9 months. So sad).

So, here we are on our date. We ate dinner at a Seafood place. Yes, seafood. Josh doesn’t really like seafood and I hate seafood but strangely, I’ve kind of been craving it since being prego. Weird. Anyway, I went with the salmon which was safe and very yummy.

After dinner we went and saw the Next Three Days, which was really good.

After the movie, we had planned to go to this cute little espresso bar we have been wanting to try out for MONTHS but they were closed, even though their sign said they were supposed to be open. This is what I was looking forward to most out of the night, so, we were pretty bummed. We ended up just going to a coffee shop and that was of course still fun.

And speaking of coffee…while Josh’s parents were here, they went on a Starbucks run and Tucker got his FIRST EVER STARBUCKS DRINK. Don’t worry, it was just a vanilla steamer and we’re too poor to be buying ourselves Starbucks, let alone our 21 month-old. So, he will probably be 16 before he will drink anything out of one of those cups again. Anyway, it was cute.



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