Christmas Time Means Laughter, Toboggans in the Snow

Well, I don’t really think Christmas is about Laughter and Toboggans but 3 points to anyone who knows what movie that’s from.

This has definitely been the best Christmas of our marriage and it’s not for another 9 days!

Ahh, the festivities began in mid November when we started listening to some Christmas music and watching an occasional Christmas movie. I have been extremely strict my whole life with the rule that NOTHING Christmasy comes out until the day after Thanksgiving. Well, after years and years of the Christmas season hitting, having too many events to go to and not the time to actually enjoy them, the plan to make Christmas cookies but running out of time, and stressing-out until December 23rd about what to get people, I decided to ditch the plan and start things a little earlier.

This year, the bulk of my Christmas shopping was done a week ago, I’ve already made our 3 favorite Christmas cookie recipes (and now only a few pieces of fudge are left), the inside and outside of our house is decked out in the humble decor we have, only 3 Christmas movies left to watch on the “must watch” list, gifts are under the tree and it’s smooth sailing from here until Christmas day. (Hopefully).

I’m not saying ANY of this to brag. I’m just excited. I’m a procrastinator and I feel like I rarely get to enjoy things like I’ve been able to enjoy this Christmas season. I hope that yours is the same!

Josh and his dad put our lights up a few weeks back. My vote is always for white but marriage is about compromises, right? …So, I let the husband win on this one and I think it turned out really nice!! Tasteful and Festive.


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