Paci Adventures

If you didn’t see it on Facebook, Tucker’s New Year’s Resolution is to ditch his paci. Yes, he told us this is what he wanted his NYR to be.

So, Monday night was his first “No Paci” night.

We started out by getting him ready for bed, just like normal. Then, I held him while Josh and I explained that the pacis were going bye bye and would be all gone. Then Josh took them outside (?) so that Tucker could really get closure and really see that they were going bye bye. He was literally sobbing as if a close friend had just died. When, I guess in his world, one had.

It broke my heart.

Then we put him down and in between going in there a couple times to comfort him, he cried for a little over an hour. It was really hard but not unbearable.

Yesterday for his nap, he cried for 45 minutes and last night when we put him down, he only cried for 25 minutes! So, he had more than cut his time and half from night #1. Note though, Tucker RARELY cries at all when we put him to sleep, so, even 5 minutes on a paci night would be weird.

So, I thought we were looking good and that he would hardly cry for his nap today. Not the case. After getting back from a play group at a friend’s house, he fell asleep in the car and slept through me transferring him inside and even changing his diaper. Then, the exact moment I lifted him over his crib, he went, “Paci?!” and spent the next HOUR and a HALF crying.

Whew. This is not fun.


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