Time For Some House Pictures

When we bought our house, it was technically “move-in-ready”. That is, if we were content with varnished doors from the 1960s with dents and holes in some of them and a goldy-orange sponge-painted living room.

I’ve been discouraged with our move-in process. At the beginning, I was so nauseated with pregnancy that I had no desire to work on the house. The fumes from getting our floors refinished, fresh paint and just the smell of this 1963 house in general made me want to vomit every time I came home.

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling much better and my old-self who likes projects and likes working on the house is coming back. Praise the Lord!

So, here are two evolutions (and lots of pictures).
The first is the evolution of our hallway (I know, random)
And the second is the evolution of our living room.

The hallway before the house was ours. This shot almost makes it look like it was nice, glossy wood. Let me assure you, it was not. Every door was that super cheap, ugly plywood stuff

Painting the hallway Behr’s Flat “Castle Path” I love flat paint!

Ready to install the first door. My dad was so kind to come and do a few himself and teach Josh so he could do the rest. This saved us TONS of money. Our friends looked into Home Depot installing a door and it was going to be $300 just for the installation of ONE door!!! Insane.

Josh installing our bedroom door.

The hallway with all the doors in but still unpainted trim

The hallway complete

Living Room Evolution

The first improvement we made to our living room was having the floors refinished. There were large, gray, worn areas over the whole floor and the stain was a sweet (and by sweet, I mean, not sweet) honey color


Next, we were literally itching to say bye bye to the lovely (and by lovely, I mean ugly) sponge paint job that took over the room with its presence

This was our temporary room set up while we tried to figure out what we wanted to do

Cluttered and gross

This is what our living room looked like a week ago. But we finally threw the towel in and decided to paint our fireplace. I like natural surfaces, so, I was really fighting it…but then I realized that natural or not, that brick is just plain dingy.

So, here are the final results (for now):
Our living room before:

Our living room after:



And this is our waiting room. Doesn’t it remind you of a waiting room in a Dr.’s office? But we love it =)

Well, that was a long post. Hope you enjoyed our version of HGTV. More to come!


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