Pesto Chicken Wraps

Is what I just made for dinner and I must admit they were kind of amazing.

I LOVE pesto but I’ve never bought any and I’ve never made any. It’s one of those things I get excited about in a dish at a restaurant. So, today I decided to make some and wow, it was expensive!

The fresh basil was $4.00 for 4 oz and the pine nuts were $19.98/lb!!! I couldn’t believe it. And these are Winco prices. I nonchalantly filled a bag with about a 1/2 lb of pine nuts in the bulk section and thought, hmm, I should at least check out the price. I couldn’t believe it. So, I put some back…sorry Winco workers, bought some parmesan cheese and kosher salt and was on my way. Anyway, if you want the recipe, I used this one. (But I used parmesan cheese instead of pecorino cheese b/c I don’t know what in the heck that is).

So, I made the pesto, thanks to the perfect little food processor my sis, Faith gave me. And then I just made up the wrap:
Sundried Tomato Mission Tortillas
Grilled Chicken
Romaine Lettuce
A fair amount of Mozzarella Cheese
Ranch Dressing

Mine didn’t look this beautiful but I didn’t take a picture of mine

They were amazing. That’s all. Happy eating.


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