Volvos and Little Brains

Are two things I’ve been thinking about for the past couple days.

On Sunday we watched a talk/sermon/whatever you want to call it by Donald Miller…about what makes a great story and people whose lives tell a great story but that most of our stories look like a movie about a guy who really wants a new Volvo. He works hard for this car, saves for it, struggles for it, and in the end, he gets the Volvo. But when the credits begin to roll, you’re not going to start crying…because, in all honesty, that was a pretty crappy story.

I had read this same analogy in his book A Million Miles in A Thousand Years a number of months ago but it hit me on Sunday.

When I summarize my life, I would not say that I’m living it to end up with a nice car but presently, my day-to-day life is kind of leading in that direction. Being comfortable, working on our house, entertaining myself….it’s a pretty lame story.

And then last night Josh and I were able to have some friends watch Tucker while we went to a debate at OSU on heaven, hell, and the afterlife. One side was that it existed and the other side was that it did not.

The main thing I probably took away from the debate is how small my brain is. Really. Let’s be honest. I’m sitting there, listening to these two very well-read men bantering back and forth with these amazing vocabularies and I’m thinking, “Wow. I’m a really stupid person.” I think we could all have potential to be such great thinkers but instead of spending my time reading Socrates….I sit and watch the Bachelor (?) I’ll probably keep watching the Bachelor….well, maybe not. It’s not too good this season but my brain could really use some more stimulation.

Other than that, the debate was really good and gave me an even stronger conviction of why I believe what I believe. And it made me proud to believe what I believe because after hearing both sides, I think it was pretty clear that the guy in support of the afterlife won the debate. Anyway, I could say a lot more but it’s hard for this little brain to articulate it all!


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