Sorry I have been a lame blogger.

Last week we were in Montana because sadly, Josh’s grandpa Howeth passed away. It was a bittersweet reunion but sweet in the sense that we got to see nearly Josh’s entire Howeth side of the fam, including a few family members that I have not been able to meet yet. I think it was good and healing for everyone. The whole fam is spread out across the west coast and I know it’s been YEARS since they’ve all been together, so, we had a good time.

Josh’s aunt was the photographer for the week, so, maybe I’ll post some pictures when we get them.

In other news, Josh is preaching in the first service at church as I type this. I’m excited to go hear him for the second. Maybe I’m biased but I always like his preaching.

I spent 6 hours the other day painting our doors. Yes, we installed them months ago and they come primed white and it takes a good hour and a half to paint ONE door, so, it’s been really hard to get motivated to do all that work with little results. I’m still not done.

Bryan, Faith and Beks are coming for a sibling day this Saturday and we’re really excited!

I’m starting to brainstorm baby girl’s nursery and can’t wait to start on it.

We ordered a white crib and white dresser and I’m really excited to have a nursery that I like…Tucker’s was kind of just a makeshift….sorry, dude.

A friend from our small group offered to watch Tuck tomorrow night, so, we get to go on a Valentine’s Day date!

Well, I could write more but I need to go get ready for church!
Peace and Love


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