This One’s For Cupid

Josh and I are extremely romantic and high class. Today we drove an hour to WalMart to get Tucker a new car seat. Yes, WalMart. But we got a really nice one for a good price.

I told Josh a few days ago that all I wanted for Valentine’s Day was a good old box of chocolates. He hadn’t bought me any yet, so, I thought, “We’re at WalMart. They’ll have the cheapest selection.” So, I went and picked out my own chocolates. And then there was something he wanted for Valentine’s Day, so, he went and picked that out. Both of our items being under $10. Pure romance.

(This is the box I picked out. Yes. Yummy is right.)

Then we drove to a Sears in Salem to look for a new part for our broken hot water heater. They didn’t have the part. Exceptional.

And then, tonight, we had a friend volunteer to watch Tuck. We gladly accepted this offer. But there was no where we really wanted to go for dinner, so, we decided, rather than waste a lot of money on a nice dinner out that we didn’t care about, to just go to a local sandwich place and then head to an espresso bar we’ve been wanting to go to for months.

Then we went and saw the King’s Speech (which was superb) and were back home at 9:02pm. Perfection. And now we’re sitting on the couch next to each other, both on our separate Macs. True Love.

P.S. I forgot to bring our camera. No pictures of Valentines Day #7 for us.


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