Mirror Complex

Last week I had an eye appointment at good ol’ Costco. We just got a Costco membership and feel pretty cool about it. I think it’s the first time I’ve had a membership anywhere.

In the eye exam room was a full-length mirror and the optometrist, a 35-40 year-old woman kept checking herself out in it! And not like, glancing at herself every once in a while but full-out asking me questions about my contacts while watching herself do it in the mirror, “And how often do you sleep in your contacts?” Chin tucked, head titled a little, a subtle, flirty smirk at herself after asking the question. I was like, “What? Did she just flirt with herself in the mirror?”

Has anyone else ever noticed people who do this?
I’ve been at restaurants with people, coffee shops, whatever, where there’s a mirror behind me and a certain personality type really likes to stare at themselves with no inhibitions. I have to admit, when there’s a mirror right in my vision line, yeah, I glance at myself every couple minutes but fully engaging in conversation with another while staring at yourself through it all? Haha. Funny times.


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