Tucker Turns Two

Tucker is in love with Thomas the Train, so, we knew that there was no other option for a birthday theme

I couldn’t bring myself to do a real cartooney Thomas birthday, so I attempted a more “modern” Thomas theme

He woke up from his nap after everyone had arrived and wasn’t sure what to think

Haha! Grandma and the Birthday Boy

Our nieces Ashlee and Peyton were just 20 months old when they were the flower girls in our wedding. They don’t get to see each other often but when they do, they are BFFs

One of Tucker’s other favorites, “Go Go!” (Cat In the Hat). He watches the cartoon all the time but didn’t yet have the Dr. Seuss classic

My Dad is an amazing carpenter. He just does it for fun, so, a few months ago, I asked him if he would want to make a train table for Tucker’s birthday. (His “train table” so far has been our coffee table). Anyway, my dad agreed to make it and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY. He designed it to look like a little box car and we love it! That thing will get years and years of use. Thanks Dad!

He didn’t really know what to do when everyone was singing “Happy Birthday” to him

Blowing out the candle

After thinking about it a lot, I decided to just throw Tucker a family party. Our house is not that big and I knew it would just be craziness to add friends to the 17 family members. I’m so glad I did this. It was a fun, relaxed party (i.e. I actually got to sit down!) and it was fun for both sides of our family to be able to chat b/c they haven’t really been able to do that since our wedding.

Auntie Christie and Auntie Steph

Auntie Beks, Auntie Faith, and Uncle Bryan

Grandma and Papa

Grandma and Grandpa “Nt Nt”

The Birthday Boy and 5 of his 8 cousins

Losing it

Bribing him with M&Ms. It worked!

Thanks again Faith for all the great pictures!


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