31 Weeks

And…Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Pregnancy is going okay these days. Sleep is not enjoyable. I’ve been having a pain in my back whenever I lay on my right side and you’re not supposed to lay flat on your back when you’re pregnant because it puts pressure on some major nerve, which can cause a lack of oxygen to you and then your baby (these medical professionals sure do know how to stress us out during our pregnancies!) So, this leaves me with the option of laying on my left side. Also, this little girl is starting to hang out in my rib area which I do not like at all.

Before being pregnant, I would hear women talk about their baby’s feet kicking them in the ribs and being all up in their rib-grill and this made me want to throw up. The thought of something probing around my ribs (and from the inside!) grossed me out and made my wrists get weak. This didn’t really happen with Tucker. I guess he stayed pretty low. Not the case with Neemee. She is a lot higher, so, the pressure on my ribs is not a fun feeling.

All that to say, I really can’t complain. I think I would rather have poor sleep for the next 2 months than be one of those girls who throws up all 9 months.

We have had her first name picked out for…oh months but we are REALLY struggling with a middle name. I honestly think I have gone through every female name possible. I will let you in on this though…the other day we discussed doing “Marlee”. My mom’s middle name is Marie and Josh’s mom’s middle name is “Lee”. Kind of cheesy but also kind of romantic, right? I think the right girl can totally pull that name off but I wasn’t sure about it. And then I got to thinking…we have like 3 friends with DOGS named Tucker. Honestly, I’ll tell people our son’s name and people will respond, “Oh, we have a DOG named that!” Sweet. Not to mention, when we were little, my friend Alicia named her cat Tucker (after me) and then in high school, my friend Kristi named her dog Tucker (I think that was after me, too). What can I say? People want to name their pets after me. Anyway, sadly, the name Tucker stirs within people a pet affection.

So, to have a little girl with the middle name, Marlee? It’s just too much. Our next little one would have to follow suit with a name like Lassie or Old Yeller.

So, all that to say, I don’t think we’re going with Marlee. Even though it was special.
Tis all for now. Cheers.


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