Coolest Craft Ever

I made this rose

And guess what it’s made out of?!!?

Coffee Filters!!!!

So much fun. In May, we have a Mother-Daughter tea at church and I am in charge of the food and decor. Last week I was googling ideas for decor and fell upon this amazing craft. In the video, they make it look really easy and maybe I’m just not coordinated enough but it was NOT easy. It’s kind of time-consuming and it wasn’t until making the 4th rose that I felt like I was getting the hang of it.

Call me a grandma, but I am a HUGE rose fan. They are by far my favorite flower (I know, very original). So, I thought it would be fun to make these for the centerpieces. But with them being so time-consuming, I’ll probably just do 3 per table in small vases. Plus, they’re nice and big, so, I don’t think it will look weird.

If you really want to make these, there are complete directions on the link. But here are some pictures I took of my process:

Printed the templates from and traced them onto my own Costco coffee filters

All of the petals cut out

The beginning of the bud

The finished product before painting. These pictures would be a lot cooler if I had a legit camera!!!!

After painting with watercolor and letting dry overnight

Anyway, just wanted to share this fun craft! I’m totally going to make some for baby girl’s bedroom and maybe our living room.
p.s. if you decide to try making these, I recommend doing them while watching Pride and Prejudice. So romantical!! =)


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